Ultimately, success is not measured by the number of pounds you lose. Success is really
about what you gain: the ability to participate in activities, enjoy family and
friends, and enhanced health and confidence.

Over 860,000 LAP-BAND® System procedures have been performed worldwide since 19961. There are many, many success stories. You can explore some of them here—from everyday people who chose the LAP-BAND® System for themselves to achieve significant weight loss and discover healthier lives.2


"I was tired of living life at 292 lbs. I had temporary success with other weight-loss methods, but none of them worked long-term. I have a little boy, and I did not want to embarrass him one day by being the "fat mom." There were health risks involved with my weight, too, that scared me. I wanted to be around to enjoy him growing up, to see him graduate and get married. I wanted to be healthy, and I wanted the woman on the outside to match the one on the inside. As a nurse, I researched as much as I could on weight loss surgery. I have lost 160 lbs since my surgery, I'm healthy, happy, and loving my life. And I have to admit... I really love the way I look, too!"

Weight lost:

160 lbs*

* Weight loss varies from person to person

292 lbs

Current Weight:

132 lbs


Brooke Before Lap_band


Brooke After Lap-Band
Brooke After Lap-Band learn more
Tammy After Lap-Band learn more
Jodi After Lap-Band learn more

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